Ares Plus

Ares Plus Impulse Welder

Zipper welding with pneumatic zipper guide. For the roller blind and exterior screen markets.

Ares Plus Impulse Welder

Welding PVC banners and textiles for the digital printing industry.

Automatic impulse welding machine for hem pockets, overlaps, reinforced welds, zipper and keder.

ARES PLUS is an electrical impulse welding machine. Thanks to Matic's patented "Seamless Technology", it is part of our product line of welders capable of creating invisible welds.  With this proprietary feature, your materials will not turn glossy or shiny when welded - Giving a more pleasing and high quality result.  

With the ARES PLUS, you will easily create hem pockets, overlaps, simple welds, reinforced welds, zipper welds, keder (spline) welds, without the need of a skilled operator.  
ARES PLUS utilizes electric impulse technology which is ideal for textiles such as PVC, solar screens, acrylics, polyesters and many others.
Applications: WELDING


  • Available lengths 4m, 5m, 6m and 8m (13ft, 16ft, 20ft and 26ft)**
  • Welding width 6mm, 10mm, 19mm and 24mm (1/4", 3/8", 3/4", 1")**
  • Variable pocket size from 20-145mm (3/4'' to 5 7/8")**
  • Welding capacity up to 8 meters in one stroke (26 ft)**
  • Air pressure 6 bar
  • Complies with all CE safety regulations

  • Automatically creates hem pockets, overlaps, reinforced edges, zipper and keder (spline) welding, etc. 
  • Robotic guides to accurately position the material for every application.
  • Open side design allows for easy movement of oversized material to weld in multiple strokes.
  • Trays on the front and back side to support heavy and large rolls.
  • Tape holder for FixMatic tape*
  • Illumination of the welding area by LED lighting
  • Colour touch screen panel
  • Heating and cooling time control
  • Turbo Device
  • Power regulator
  • Temperature control
  • Seamless technology: Invisible welding to improve the look of the welding path by eliminating the shiny effect on the material due to heating. Patented by Matic, patent number: 9,096,015
  • Programmable - Easily save your welding parameters, and groups of applications
  • Intelligent and well-designed user interface - see real time status of the process, alarm messages, and control panel. 
  • Customized guides for welding zippers, plastic profiles, etc*
  • Automatic guide for attachments (zippers and profiles) - no need to insert an external guide.  This guide is always mounted on the machine and opens and closes automatically.*
  • Pneumatic and electronic stops to position the fabric - ensures accuracy and high quality welds every time, and not dependent on the operator's skills.  
  • Automated pocket size - no measuring, no cranks - simply input the size of your pocket on the screen and the machine will be positioned correctly automatically.
  • Controlled lowering of the top welder - For more precision and accuracy with delicate fabrics
  • Interchangeable electrode width*

  • Ideal solution for producing: roller blinds, PVC and/or textile banners, exterior screens, drapery, awnings, etc. 
  • Programmable - Save your welding parameters (time, temperature, application, etc) for fast access each and every time. 
  • Save application sequences (groups) in order to produce your work from start to finish without stopping and changing any settings on the machine.
  • No measuring, no cranks - Machine will be positioned automatically for every application.  
  • Turbo Device sends more power when you need it - Speeds up the welding time for faster production. 
  • Seamless Technology - patented by Matic - will produce invisible welds.  The material will not turn glossy or shiny when welded, giving a more pleasing and high end look to your products. 
  • Open sides to weld larger material in multiple strokes
  • Easy to use for anyone in the shop - no special skills required
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
  • Will not interfere with other equipment in proximity
  • Safe for the operator, and for your materials
** Precise measures are calculated with metric system - Imperial value is only to be used as a reference
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