About us

ARTISANS OF INNOVATION is the corporate philosophy of MATIC.


Matic, founded in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain), manufactures, distributes and markets machines for the textile industry.  With a wide range of products, we offer machines to improve the production and quality of textile finishing. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the sector and a thorough and constantly updated training in technological evoluation, we develop together with our customers the most appropriate solutions for their production needs. 

Today, we are leaders in innovating, manufacturing and commercializing machinery and accessories for the roller blind, awning, curtain and digital printing industries.  Our commitment is to be the reference provider in terms of quality and service.
Commit to the success of our customers by offering innovative and cutting-edge machines capable of solving their productive needs and improving the quality of work.  

To be a leader in technology and innovation of machines for textile finishes with high standards of quality, service, productivity and respect.

Overview of the Matic head office

Located near Barcelona, our head office is a state of the art facility, beautifully lit with natural sunlight provided by the windows that surround almost 3 sides of the building, elegantly decorated - it provides a clean and modern environment for its employees and visitors.
This building houses two showrooms presenting our latest models of equipment, a classroom for training, administration and sales offices as well as assembly, storage and shipping for part of our production.

Matic was founded in 1969, in Barcelona (Spain). With more than 50 years dedicated to the commercialization of machinery and accessories for the garment sector, our company has evolved to offering innovative solutions for textile finishing.  In 1995, Jordi Carbonell joined the business (second generation) with a commercial vision that would guide Matic towards new markets in its initial phase of developement - such as solar protection, roller blind / roller shade, digital printing and curtains.  

With the desire to respond to the demands of our customers, Matic begins developing and manufacturing machines, advising and offering each customer the possibility of customizing the machine to their specific needs.  Our machines have a common denominator : a cutting-edge technological equipment with great ease of use. 

One of our current strengths is the capacity of innovation.  We present every year in the market a minimum of 3 new features - either in new machine models or in significant changes for existing ones - always trying to improve production times and the quality of the finishing. 

We sell our wide range of equipment worldwide through our commercial network. 

Our constant growth in recent years has encouraged us to optimize, expand and improve our facilities in order to continue offering our customers the excellent service and attention that characterizes us.  

In addition to manufacturing and developing our own machines, we are official distributors in Spain of recognized brands such as: Carmo, Conti-Complett, Covemat, Dürkopp Adler, Eastman, Forsstrom, Meyer, Mitsubishi, Sinclair, Strobel and Union Special.

We guarantee that all the components used in our machines are original and of the top brands (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Dürkopp Adler, Rinco, Schneider, SMC, etc). In addition, the materials used to form our structures are of superior quality.  

All Matic machines are manufactured according to EEC regulations in force and respecting European harmozined regulations.  

We go beyond the existing regulations to offer the best quality and safety.  Matic  certifies that all its machines, before leaving the factory, have passed the highest quality tests for proper operation.
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