When you have printed beautiful banners and other fabrics displays, the finishing stage is important. From cutting, sewing to welding, Matic has a machine to help you deliver great prints with perfect finishing to your customers.


Helios Plus Laser

Automatic textile laser cutting machine for high speed production.

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Flexicut Linear Cutter

Linear cutter with up to 3 cutting tools: crush cut, rotative knife and ultrasonic.

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Perseo - (Patent Pending)

THE NEW GENERATION OF ECO-FRIENDLY IMPULSE WELDING MACHINES. It is a completely original and ground-breaking welding system compared to traditional impulse welding machines.

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Hercules Hot Air

Automatic Linear Hot Air Welding Machine with travelling tool for joinings and hems.

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Automatic impulse welding machine for hem pockets, overlaps, reinforced welds, zipper and keder.

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Semi-automatic electrical impulse welder for hem pockets, overlaps, reinforced welds, zipper and keder.

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Automatic hot air welding machine for PVC banners.

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Cronos 4.0

The new generation of industry 4.0 sewing system for digital printing. Automatic machine with conveyor belt.

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Cronos GO!

Economical Sewing Station for SEG, pockets and hook and loop fastener.

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Cronos Overlock

Automatic sewing machine with conveyor belt for the application of keder for SEG Frames.

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Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories


Manual Ultrasonic cutting machine.

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