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Cutting tables equipped with different tools: rotative knife, crush cut, ultrasonic and laser.


XY cutting machine with 2 pressurized rotary knives.

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M1 Ultimate

Automatic XY cutting machine with ultrasonic, crush cut and pressurized rotary knife with glass surface.

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Olympo Curtains

Curtain Hoist for measurement, cut and final quality control of traditional curtains, panels and blinds.

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Automated cutting machine for the production of awnings.

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Helios Plus Laser

Automatic textile laser cutting machine for high speed production.

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Flexicut Linear Cutter

Linear cutter with up to 3 cutting tools: crush cut, rotative knife and ultrasonic.

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Vertical blind cutting machine and punching system.

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Machine for inspecting, measuring, winding and cutting fabric rolls.

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Helios Laser

Automatic laser cutter for textiles with flatbed surface and projection system alignment.

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Manual Ultrasonic cutting machine.

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