Atlas H

Horizontal warehouse/ carousel for under table roll storage.

Atlas H
Atlas H
Atlas H
Atlas H
Atlas H
Atlas H
Horizontal storage carousel to conveniently store the fabric rolls under a Matic cutting table.  Ideal to save space and achieve faster handling of materials during the cutting process. 

The configuration of this carousel varies depending on the length of table chosen and adapted to customers' specific needs.  

This unit is optional specifically for these cutting tables: 
  • M1
  • M1-PC
  • M1 Plus
  • M2 
  • Bi-directional rotation for quicker access to rolls
  • Up to 70 kg/ bar (154lbs) capacity (depending on the model)
  • Dimensions according to cutting table size
  • Operated from a control screen or by PC
  • Possibility to link with Athenea Workflow Management Software
  • Loading and unloading from the operator's side of the table
  • Quick and secure fastening of the roll-holder bar
  • Intelligent search for specific roll - will use shortest route to save time
  • Lateral visibility of fabric rolls
  • Easy to operate by a non-skilled operator
  • When linked with Athenea Workflow Management Software, inventory will be held and balance of rolls will be calculated.

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