Automated cutting machine for the production of awnings.


M2 Awning Cutting Machine

M2 is one of the most precise and fast cutting machines on the market. The automation of the M2 accurately measures the fabric and provides increased production capacity.
The design and ease of use make the M2 one of the best selling machines in the awning market.  Automatic calculations of the cuts take into consideration the repeat of the stripe pattern, including assymetric stripes, and makes accurate final cut dimensions. 
Technology, innovation and material used for its construction make the M2 the perfect combination of efficiency, accuracy and quality available for manufacturing awnings.
  • Automatic XY cutting
  • Useful transversal cut: 1650 mm (5.41ft)**
  • Useful longitudinal cut: 8000mm (26.25ft)**
  • Working height: 970mm (3.18ft)**
  • Longitudinal cutting by ultrasonic and transversal by rotary knife.
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Workflow Program Software included (PTM)
  • Cuts: PVC, screens, black-out, acrylic, polyester, coated fabrics, mosquito nets.
  • Electrical voltage EU: 220-240V / 50 Hz AC
  • Electrical voltage US: 220-240V / 60 Hz AC
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Complies with CE safety regulations
** Precise measures are calculated with the metric system. Imperial values serve as references.
  • Total cut from the very beginning of the fabric.
  • Automatic fabric feeding for a continuous cutting process.
  • Press bar to avoid movement of the fabric while cutting.
  • Intuitive 15" touch screen to control the machine and enter parameters.
  • Automatic calculation of the cuts.
  • Precise fabric width measurement tool.
  • Dynamic "0" point - Fabric can be clamped in any position due to a movable point of origin for the cut.
  • Remote maintenance for troubleshooting
  • Capacity of working from fabric waste
  • The software can control your inventory - from your stock and from the under table storage carousel.
  • Integrated horizontal roll warehouse to optimize space and increase cutting efficiency*
  • Bar code or QR code reader*
  • Software for sending orders via network*
  • Ultrasonic device for transversal cuts*
  • Roll up device to roll cut pieces for fast clearing of the cutting surface, and to ease the handling to the next part of the process.*

  • High production capacity
  • Precise and perfectly squared cuts
  • Automatic XY cutting eliminates the need for operator's involvement and handling of the fabric during the cutting process.
  • Cut fabric can be positionned anywhere on the table to make the working process more efficient.
  • Less fabric waste - The machine can work from fabric waste to make samples, smaller items, etc.
  • Silent - This machine doesn't make a lot of noise while cutting or when handling the fabric.
  • The software will control your inventory and deduct cut fabrics for the rolls so your stock is alway balanced and accurate.
  • The under table storage carousel will help speed the efficiency of the machine by eliminating the transport of the rolls. They are always close to the operator.
  • The roll up device will also help increase the production process' speed by helping the operator clear the surface of the cut pieces. These pieces will be easier to transport to the next step of the manufacturing operation.
  1. High efficiency and accuracy.
  2. Equipped with two cutting tools, ultrasonic and rotary blade.
  3. Automatic measuring of real fabric width.
  4. Calculate the cuts automatically taking into consideration the repeat of the stripe pattern.
  5. Software controls the inventory of fabric.
  6. Have orders sent to the machine automatically.
  7. No skilled operator needed.

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