Perseo - (Patented)

THE NEW GENERATION OF ECO-FRIENDLY IMPULSE WELDING MACHINES. It is a completely original and ground-breaking welding system compared to traditional impulse welding machines.

Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)
Perseo - (Patented)

PERSEO producing zip-screens

PERSEO producing awnings

How to weld a Banner? Discover Perseo

PERSEO is a completely original and ground-breaking welding system compared to traditional welding machines.
It is eco-friendly, no need for an air compressor, which means a significant saving in electricity.
The electronically controlled movement provides the highest precision for pocket sizes and overlaps on a variety of different fabric types.
  • Useful welding length of 4 or 6 meters.
  • 6, 10, 20, 25mm electrode.
  • 100 programs for different jobs.
  • 40 groups of programs to automate operations and work in sequence.
  • Motorized movement of the upper welding bar.
  • Intermediate stops and controlled lowering of the electrode for special jobs.
  • Adjustable electrode pressure on the touch screen. (ability to weld with different pressures)
  • Colour touch screen.
  • Temperature regulator
  • Welding and cooling time control
  • Panel joining with automatic stops position.
  • Reinforcement welds with automatic stop position.
  • Electronic offsets of the movements for union, pockets, reinforcement ...
  • Automatic pockets *
  • Guide to weld Zippers, Profiles ... *
  • Invisible welding (patented by Matic, patent number: 9,096,015)
  • Programs for different applications and fabrics
  • Programs to automate operations and work in sequence.
  • Remote LAN / Wi-Fi connection for after-sales service
  • Industry 4.0 control and traceability of production. *
  • Work area with led lighting *
  • FIXMATIC tape roll holder for welding PVC-free fabrics *
  • Front and rear tray prepared for heavy fabrics.
  • Adjustable in height.
  • Machine open on both sides.
  • 400/220 THREE PHASE
  • No need for an air compressor.
* Optional
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to use for anyone, no special skills required.
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance.
  • The “Seamless” Technology, (patented by Matic, patent number: 9,096,015), will produce invisible welds. The material will not become shiny or glossy when welded, which will give your products a more pleasant and high-quality appearance.
  • It will not interfere with other equipment in proximity.
  • Does not produce Sparks, very safe machine for the operator. 
  • Achieve good finishes on a wide variety of fabrics.
  • Manual or automatic* folder for making pockets.
  • Ideal solution to produce a great variety of different products and different fabrics with the same machine: Awnings, roller blinds, PVC and / or textile banners, exterior screens, curtains, etc.
  • Guide and tools to facilitate the welding of different thermo-weldable profiles, can be customized.
  • Open sides to weld larger materials by welding multiple times
* Optional

  1. Eco-friendly: No compressed air needed, low energy consumption.
  2. Industry 4.0, remote screen operations, remote support.
  3. Save energy, save installation and maintenance work.
  4. Ergonomic: Easy to reach all the working areas.
  5. Affordable with all-around functions.
  6. High precision for pocket sizes and overlaps.

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