B&P Co., Ltd: "Perseo dramatically improved the welding process, which had become a bottleneck."

B&P Co., Ltd: Previously, welding was a bottleneck in our production process. Now, thanks to Perseo's ability to work on multiple pieces at once, we have managed to increase our efficiency and improve our responsiveness.

Today we bring you this case study from Japan, where the company B&P Co., Ltd, based in Osaka, has offered an interview explaining how Perseo, with MATIC's patented technology, has significantly improved their production. B&P Co., Ltd. is primarily dedicated to providing advertising services for sales promotion using commercial inkjet printers, as well as materials and products for daily life, such as interiors.

The strategic decision to incorporate Perseo has significantly boosted efficiency in their plant, eliminating bottlenecks that previously affected their production capacity. In a recent interview, B&P's managers highlighted how welding, a recurring task in their manufacturing process, used to pose a major challenge. Before Perseo's arrival, the company was limited to working on one piece at a time, resulting in prolonged times and limited production capacity.

B&P Co., Ltd uses large format printers for businesses and conducts inkjet printing business including printing, processing, and consistent delivery. Their core operations include producing advertising materials for sales promotion.

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