Peter van der Kamp. "By installing our new cutting machine, we can work faster and more efficiently, and provide even better service to our customers.

Husol, a leading manufacturer specializing in sun protection and roller shutters, has recently made strides in optimizing its production processes through the acquisition of new machinery.

The company's commitment to innovation and efficiency has led them to invest in a new Matic M1-PC cutting machine, an initiative aimed at strengthening their digitalization and automation capabilities.

Husol collaborates with Nautasign, a dealer of Matic machines in the Benelux region, to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Leveraging Nautasign's expertise in sign and print, and partnerships with top brands like Epson and HP, Husol seamlessly integrates new equipment. Nautasign's support extends to software solutions and efficient delivery options, bolstering Husol's operational agility. Together, they excel in sun protection manufacturing, delivering top-notch products efficiently, and setting high standards for innovation and service. Download PDF