Matic - continue the way of social responsibility

2021 is the second year since Matic started sponsoring PUCRA.

2021 is the second year since Matic started sponsoring PUCRA *. Thanks to this sponsorship, the students from PUCRA have the opportunity to get to know Matic. So far, we already had 5 students from PUCRA who chose to do an internship at Matic.

One of the students Victor spoke about the reason why he chose Matic for the practice: image, opportunity to learn more, the good comments of the students who already did an internship at Matic.

*PUCRA is a robotic association of students of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Best European team in VEX 2019, organizer of VEX Barcelona, Spain and Mediterranean, and 8th position in the world final of the European Rover Challenge of 2020.
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