Matic - on the way to GREEN

Matic has invested in the installation of a solar panel system to save energy.

Our business is growing, but we have not forgotten that we can never prosper alone. We know that we can only prosper together with our customers, our partners, and society. And we must set a model for our next generation.

We are determined to be on our way to GREEN, here comes the important step: we are installing 40 kWp solar panels in our plant and office building. This action will generate energy for our daily production, thus avoiding 17,696 kg of CO2 emissions each year.

All of this is in line with the value of our company: we not only want to do things that contribute to the prosperity of our customers and partners, we also want to contribute to the prosperity of society and our next generation.

Enjoy the video of the bird´s-eye view of Matic accompanied by the music of ¨birds in flights¨ from Dan Lebowitz.

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