Matic, large-format textile

The company generates 12 million euros in revenue and exports 70% with the production of textile machinery for awnings, curtains, and advertising banners.

The Carbonell family has managed to find a niche in the textile industry, manufacturing machines that produce awnings, curtains, and large-format advertising.

The company, called Matic, generates around 12 million euros in revenue per year, with 70% of its machinery being sold abroad, mainly to distributors in the United States (30%), Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

The journey that led them here is the result of adapting to the new globalized era. Matic was founded in 1969 as a distributor of products for the thriving textile and garment sector at the time. However, as production shifted to Asia and local factories closed down, Matic lost ground. In fact, the company faced financial difficulties in 1995 due to the changing global landscape.

In response, the Carbonell family decided to change direction and focus on distributing large textile machinery, whose transportation costs were too high for the global market. At the request of some customers, Matic began developing customized machinery for them, becoming a supplier for awning, curtain, and large-format advertising manufacturers. This activity continues today alongside the distribution of third-party machinery.

Headquartered in Granollers and with a team of 46 employees (direct and indirect), the company prides itself on being 100% family-owned, rejecting the entry of financial or industrial partners.

The Granollers-based company plans to allocate 8 million euros to acquire companies in the sector.

Jordi Carbonell, representing the second generation leading the company, explains that the future plans involve sustained growth. He states, "This year, we expect to reach 14 million euros in revenue and maintain an EBITDA (gross operating profit) of around 17%." Despite maintaining their characteristic growth pace, the company has recently opened the door to integrating competitor companies into their operations. They have a budget of 8 million euros to carry out three to four acquisitions of businesses aligned with their culture and service.

Carbonell wants to highlight Matic's particular governance style. He asserts that the company is not led by a CEO figure, and all decisions are made from the grassroots. "I don't coordinate or supervise; instead, I set objectives and make myself available to the team to address any doubts or questions," he says.

Published in La Vanguardia
5 de junio de 2023