Helios Plus Laser

Automatic textile laser cutting machine for high speed production.

Helios Plus Laser
Helios Plus Laser
Helios Plus Laser
Helios Plus Laser
Helios Plus Laser
Helios Plus Laser

Helios Plus Laser with Extension Table

HELIOS PLUS has been specifically designed to save time and reduce costs for print service providers who are printing fabrics on a large and grand format scale. It allows an optimum use of printed fabrics due to a specially developed scanning systems that scans the entire bed within 4 seconds before starting the cutting process.

The High-Speed conveyor belt system advances the fabric, keeps it flat, eliminates waves on the surface, limiting the operator’s involvement and thus warranting an accurate cut every time.

HELIOS PLUS’ software compensates automatically for shrinkage and distortion eliminating the need for manual measurements. Fabrics will be accurately cut on-size with sealed edges ensuring that there is no fraying.
  • Fully automatic laser cutter
  • Available widths:  3.3m and 5m (130" and 197")**
  • Cutting length: 3.3m (130")**
  • Cutting speed: up to 1.5 linear meter per second (60" per second)
  • Laser power: 120 W - air cooled (no maintenance)
  • Scanning speed: up to 1m per second (3.2ft per second)
  • Conforms to the CE safety regulations
**Precise measurements are calculated in metric system.  The imperial values serve as a reference.
  • Laser power adjustable according to fabrics
  • High speed conveyor belt system
  • Scanning system in the cutting bridge
  • Unassisted operation
  • Motorized unwinding and edge control
  • Intelligent software - Compensates for shrinkage and cuts on size
  • Versatile scanning system - will cut according to registration marks or by scanning a printed contour
  • Self-alignment during the loading process of the roll
  • Integrated smoke vacuum system
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
  • Remote assistance for quick trouble shooting
  • Safety barriers
  • Extension table to pick up the cut pieces*
  • Roll up device*
  • Dedicated to textile - This machine is designed and built with only fabric in mind. It handles fabric differently than multi-tool lasers.
  • Unassisted operation - after loading, the machine will scan and cut a full roll of fabric without involving an operator.
  • Full roll scanning capacity - super wide format prints can be read as a whole, even if their size is greater than the length of the table, before starting the cutting process. This ensures that the stretch or shrinkage factor is applied over the full file and that the print is cut precisely on size and centered.
  • Stays cleaner and free of debris - Due to the fact that it is cutting only fabric, the machine will not be dirty with debris from cutting boards, woods and other rigid materials.
  • Laser power is adjustable according to the different fabrics that are being cut. This means constant quality and no yellowing or burning of the edges.
  • High speed conveyor belt system advances the fabric, keeps it flat, self-aligns the fabric, eliminate waves on the surface. This conveyor belt and the way that the Helios Plus handles the fabric is very unique.
  • The scanning system speeds up the set-up process - The scanner will read the full width of the table while advancing. It is not reading individual dots one by one, but the full print as a whole. This process is done in less than 4 seconds, then the cutting will start.
  • The scanning system is located in the bridge - This ensures that the fabric is in place on the table, and not moving, when the scanner reads it.
  • The fabric will self-align when it is being fed on the conveyor belt. This ensures that the fabric is always straigth on the table and that there are no waves.
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance - There are no knives, blades or conveyor belt to replace.
  • The engineers at Matic can access the machine remotely to help trouble shoot issues and help you solve them in minimal time.
  1. accurately cut and seal printed textiles
  2. high speed conveyor belt system
  3. scan the full roll within 4 seconds before cutting
  4. high speed conveyor belt self-aligns the fabric
  5. low cost of operation and maintenance

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