Flexicut Linear Cutter

Linear cutter with up to 3 cutting tools: crush cut, rotative knife and ultrasonic.

The FLEXICUT is a semi-automatic linear cutter with the versatility of 1 up to 3 cutting tools:  Ultrasonic, Crush Cut and Rotative Knife.  The cutting tools are easily interchangeable with the turn of a switch.
It's design, adaptability and simplicity make the Flexicut one of the most versatile  cutting machines on the market. 
The FLEXICUT is fully capable of cutting a wide rage of materials from PVC, screens, black-outs, acrylics, polyesters, composites, carpets, etc. It is ideal for the production of roller blinds, awnings and printed banners.
Applications: CUTTING


  • Cutting tools: ultrasonic, crush cut and rotative knife
  • Cutting length: 3.2m, 4m and 5m  (126", 157" and 197")**
  • Size of auxiliary table: 3.2m x 3.5m (126" x 138")**
  • Electrical Voltage EU: 220-240V / 50 Hz AC
  • Electrical Voltage US: 220-240V / 60 Hz AC
  • Cuts: PVC, screens, black-out, acrylic, polyester, coated fabrics, composites, carpet and more. 
  • Air pressure: 8 bar
  • This machine complies with CE Safety Regulations. 
  • Interchangeable cutting tools - Choose 1, 2 or 3 tools: ultrasonic, crush cut and rotative knife.
  • Useful cutting: from 3.2m up to 5m (126" to 197")**
  • Variable cutting speed according to each fabric - The operator has full control of the speed. 
  • Double pressure bars - Keeps the fabric stable in place during the cutting process. 
  • Sensor to detect the end of the fabric - Avoids the wear of the cutting tools. 
  • Automatic opening of the pressure bars at the end of the cutting cycle. 
  • Automatic return of the cutting tools to the start position. 
  • Motorized roll unwinding*
  • Automatic winding device to roll up the textile.*
  • Auxiliary table with manual stop bar for positionning and measuring*
  • Ideal for the production of: roller blinds, awnings, printed banners, curtains, and more. 
  • Flexicut can be adapted to an existing work table. 
  • Automatic movement of the cutting tools is faster and more precise than manual cutting. 
  • Fewer chances of human errors with automation
  • The interchangeable cutting tools make it a flexible and versatile machine
  • Easy and safe to use by everyone - non-skilled operator. 
  • No measuring needed thanks to the measuring tape and stop edge included on the optional auxiliary table. 
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance.
**Precise measures are given in metric.  Imperial values serve as a reference only.
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