Fast and efficient packaging machine using fanfold to automatically box your product.



The Kratos packaging line offers highly automated packaging of various box dimensions for effective and repeatable results. Due to the nature of the machine, no skill is needed and only one operator is needed making training simple and running the machine even simpler. With multiple box sizes available at the touch of a button (or use the QR code scanner!), in addition to automatic folding and sealing, packaging different products has never been easier. The Kratos is rich with features such as Industry 4.0, automatic label printing and even ink printing to add uniqueness to the packaged product.

The line is formed of two machines, the Kratos-Cut and the Kratos-Form. Though maximum efficiency and productivity will be found with the full line, due to its modular design, the machines can be used independently of each other providing a flexible solution to packaging needs. The Kratos-Cut seamlessly scores and cuts the corrugate according to a professionally designed template minimizing waste and maximizing space. The use of fanfold allows for a continuous supply of cardboard in addition to having an optional warehouse to automatically switch between different grades or widths giving the user even more variety in box design. Once produced, the Kratos-Form shapes the box ready for product loading with minimal user intervention. With the product now in the box, the machine proceeds to move the box through a chamber while simultaneously folding, gluing, and sealing, in addition to optionally applying customized ink designs and/or labels. The continuous application of hotmelt glue provides an instant and strong bond between the layers of carboard. The result: an expertly formed box made specifically for its product size with repeatable quality and all done within a matter of seconds.
  • Two standard box designs with option to include more.
  • Box design width 100X60mm min and 250x150 mm max, length 500mm min and 4000mm max.
  • Fanfold thickness required to be between 2mm and 7mm, up to 1200mm wide.
  • Label printer with label sizes from 10x10mm up to 100x200mm
  • Multi-impression ink printer
  • Ink design size: 65mm wide by 100mm long (option to increase width up 130mm on request)
  • 100 design slots available, more with external storage.
  • Prints at 20m/s, dries instantly with maximum quality and environmentally friendly.
  • Modular design to provide flexible packaging solution
  • Automatic warehouse to load and switch between multiple fanfold widths or thicknesses**
  • Automatic scoring and cutting of multiple box designs, shapes, and sizes (Kratos-Cut)
  • Automatic adjustment and multicut programming of different cutting formats**
  • Conveyor table to transport cut cardboard at 90º**
  • Automatic forming, folding, gluing, and sealing of box (Kratos-Form)
  • ERP integration for production management
  • Industry 4.0 and QR code reader**
  • Ink printer**
  • Label printer**
  • Automated cutting and scoring of box
  • Automated forming, folding and sealing of box
  • Modular machine design for flexible packaging solution
  • Continuous process for maximum output
  • Automatic warehouse for switching between multiple fanfold widths or thicknesses
  • No manual cutting of cardboard
  • No strapping needed
  • Quick and efficient
  • Minimal cardboard waste
  • Transport space savings
  • Overall reduction in cardboard use
  • Strong and continuous bond
  • Repeatable quality and results
  • No need for a highly skilled operator
  • Minimal wrist movement therefore reduced risk of MSI
  • Customizable labels
  • Customizable print
  • Scan in order using QR code or load directly from ERP
  • Automated box cutting and forming of multiple box designs and sizes
  • Modular machine design
  • Feature rich: Industry 4.0, QR code scanning, label printer, ink printer, automatic warehouse
  • No skilled operator needed
  • Connect with your ERP system

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